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Juvenile Sexual Offender (JSO) Programs
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Jane A. Lepak-Jostsons,
AAMFT Approved Supervisor
Amen Method Professional

Our “Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program” is based on evidence from research that works for children and adolescents in reducing recidivism (repeat sexual offenses).

Dynamic Family Solutions provides Feedback-Informed Treatment as a recognized evidence-based practice. An evidence-based practice integrates clinical expertise, the best available research evidence, and patient perspectives to provide high-quality services.

If your son or daughter is in need of treatment, is on a court order requiring treatment or has committed a sexual assault, we have programs that concentrate in these areas. There are probably many questions that you have about how our program works:

  • What are the procedures?
  • How will treatment progress?
  • Who should I call?
  • “Three Phase” Treatment Program
  • Commitment to keeping youths with their families.
  • Our JSO program, over the past ten years,
    has maintained outstanding outcomes.

Please contact us and we will attempt to answer basic questions and provide you a reference for future questions about treatment and program development.

Adjudicated Youth Offender Programs

Adjudicated youth offender treatment & program provider, JSO, Juvenile Sexual Assault Therapy and trauma informed care. This program specifically offers treatment which may include family therapy, individual therapy or group therapy.

We are in constant review of your child's behaviors at home, school, community, and in treatment.

“Our JSO Program, Over The Past Ten Years,
Has Maintained Outstanding Outcomes”

At Dynamic Family Solutions, we are committed to doing the utmost to provide the best treatment possible for your child. The research tells us that your child has a greater risk of committing another sexual offense if placed in a correctional treatment program. This could be partly because an important factor in successful outcomes is family involvement… we strive to keep kids at home and in their own communities.

Our program has been extremely effective, and is supported by evidence-based therapies that challenge and change thinking errors and negative behaviors.