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Expertise and Experience
Jane is an AAMFT Practicum Supervisor available for supervision, training, public speaking engagements and consultation for counties and businesses.
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Jane works with:
– Adults and families facing challenges
– Adolescents and Children
– Evidence Based Therapy
– Sexual abuse issues
– Substance abuse issues
– Trauma Focused Therapy
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Jane A. Lepak-Jostsons, MS
AAMFT Approved Supervisor
Amen Method Professional

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor
Independent Clinical Supervisor – In Training
Bachelor of Arts – Alverrno College
  Communication and Business
Masters Degree – UW-Whitewater
  Community Counseling
PhD – Clayton College
  Holistic Nutrition

Phone: (920) 323-2188
Email: JLJostsons@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Expertise and Experience
As a family therapist, Brooke works with adults and couples, as well as families whose children struggle with a wide range of life's challenges.
Brooke works with:
– Adults and Couples
– Adolescents and Children
– Available to Serve Military Families
– Families facing challenges
– Sexual abuse issues
Brooke C. Luebke MS, MFT - Family Therapist

Brooke C. Luebke, MS, LMFT, CCTP, CSOTP

AAMFT Fellow Member
Graduate of Family Therapy Training Institute
Masters of Science – Educational Psychology
Bachelor of Science – Human Services

Phone: (920) 242-6335
Email: BrookeLuebke@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Expertise and Experience
Tracy provides trauma focused treatment for adults suffering with PTSD issues. Over the years, Tracy has developed a reputation and expertise in the field of addictions. Tracy is also involved in training and supervision of students wanting to learn about addictions.
Tracy works with:
– Trauma focused treatment for adults suffering with PTSD issues.
– Addictions
– Student training and supervision

Tracy E. Christensen, MA

Phone: (920) 385-3904
Email: TracyChristensen@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Expertise and Experience
Kathleen Graduated with a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling from Lakeland College and
Specializes in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
Kathleen works with:
– Adults
– Teens

Kathleen E. Lindsey, MS Ed., MA,

Certified EAGALA Equine Specialist
and Mental Health Professional.

Phone: (920) 242-7814
Email: KathleenLindsey@dynamicfamilysolutions.com
Learn More About Equine Assisted Therapy EAP

Expertise and Experience
Graduated from Edgewood College with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Jessica works with:
– Children
– Teens
– Families

Jessica M. Osmunson, MS, LMFT, CCTP, CSOTP

Masters Marriage and Family Therapy
Edgewood College

Phone: (920) 645-1939
Email: JessicaOsmunson@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Expertise and Experience
Over the years Linda has worked with children with Autism and their families. Linda brings an expertise in working with traumatized adults, and teens. She is involved in group therapies. Linda offers a range of individual, family and group therapy.
Linda works with:
– Children With Autism
– Teens
– Adults

Linda W. Skoug, MS, LPC, ATR, CSOTP
Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Certified Art Therapist

Phone: (623) 210-2573
Email: lskoug@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Expertise and Experience
Couples Therapy
Intimacy Issues
Anger Issues
LGBT Therapy

Georgeann Knier, MSW

Georgeann and Phil Knier work
together with couples enhanciing
the experience of couples therapy.

Phone: (920) 629-4704
Email: gknier@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Expertise and Experience
LGBT Therapy
Marriage Therapy
Couples Therapy
Sexual Issues

Phil Knier, MEd, CCTP

Phil and Georgeann Knier work
together with couples enhancing
the experience of couples therapy.

Phone: (920) 629-1832
Email: pknier@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Leah Bonde-Langenfeld,

Phone: (920) 286-2203
Email: leah@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Jamie Cops, MS, PC-IT, CCTP, CSOTP

Phone: (920) 470-4503
Email: jamie@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Expertise and Experience
Sue works with individuals and families regarding issues of drugs and alcohol, as well as other mental health needs.

Sue has years of experience in the field of addictions, additionally, Sue works well with other problems that surround an individuals life.

Sue Exworthy, MSW, SAC-IT, CSOTP

Email: sue@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Stacey Schimberg, MA, PC Intern
Lakeland College

Email: sschimberg@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Bryanna Mertens, PC Intern
Lakeland College

Email: bmertens@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Jessica Cline, MSW Intern
U.W. Madison

Email: jcline@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Christopher Bowers, MS Intern
Lakeland College

Email: cbowers@dynamicfamilysolutions.com

Rebecca Rauens, MA Intern
Lakeland College

Email: rrauens@dynamicfamilysolutions.com